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There are Scholarships being made available all the time and they cover a broad range of areas and have differing selection criteria. Two resources you can use to search for Scholarships are below:

The "Good Universities Guide" Scholarship Finder:

This is the largest and most comprehensive scholarship database in Australia.

The "Country Education Foundation":

This website specifically offers scholarships aimed at Rural and Regional students.

Also, as I become aware of any Scholarships, I will post the details for you below:

Current Scholarships:

Below are a list of the current scholarships. Please see the Careers Adviser for further details.

Scholarship: Details: Closing Date:
Indigenous Scholarships



·         SARRAH Nursing & Allied Health -

·         Indigenous National Scholarships -

·         Pearl Duncan Teaching Scholarship-


QATSIF SCHOLARSHIPS: The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation provides two-year scholarships to aid Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with the costs of senior schooling. Students who have a positive attitude towards school work and participate in extra-curricular activities are encouraged to apply. Scholarship applications open 21 June. More information is available on

Skilling Australia Foundation - $1000 Tuition Fee Relief Grant

Tuition Fee Relief Grants are a core component of Skilling Australia Foundation’s support of young Australians experiencing financial hardship and/or from a targeted equity group.

These grants of up to $1000 are designed to support young Australians facing disadvantage who have, or wish to, commence an apprenticeship working in traditional trades or traineeship. The grant typically covers tuition fees, books and other out of pocket expenses.

To be eligible candidates must be:

§  between the ages of 17 and 24

§  an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident

You must be able to demonstrate one of the following criteria:

§  Financial hardship

§  A disability as defined in Equal Opportunity Act

§  Indigenous/Torres Strait Islander

§  From a non-English speaking background

§  From a rural/remote area and relocated

We welcome you to contact us and submit an application so we can help make the hopes and dreams of young Australian’s possible.

To apply please contact us at or 1300 096 120.

Fran Maddern

Manager, Government Coordination

Cooktown Office, Infrastructure and Government Coordination

Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships

P 07 40822002 Mobile:  0427160643 E

12 Walker St Cooktown PO Box 761 QLD 4895

CEF National Scholarship

Country Education Foundation of Australia 2018 Scholarships Guide


Did you know many scholarships go untouched every year because no one knows about them! That’s why we at the Country Education Foundation of Australia are sending you this guide.


This is a free resource for you, your teachers, careers advisors, parents and students. It is a comprehensive guide to Australia’s scholarship offerings for both university and vocational educational pursuits.


Click on this link for the 2018 Scholarship Guide:


The Country Education Foundation of Australia (CEF) is a not-for-profit organisation providing rural and regional young people the chance at an education or training opportunity. CEF has been advocating for country kids’ futures for almost 25 years, and the Scholarships Guide is one of our premium resources helping in this mission.


Thank you for your time and effort, we hope you find our 2018 Scholarships Guide useful in offering our young people a brighter future.


For more information about CEF and our work and resources please go to: